Wine Tips: 5 things every wine lover should know

I’m currently posting articles here about wine appreciation in the middle of this pandemic when apparently online wine sales are booming, and everyone has a golden opportunity to learn, understand and appreciate some of the finer things about wine, especially tasting and collecting. Not all of the articles are my own; I read magazines, journals … Continue reading Wine Tips: 5 things every wine lover should know

Wine Masterclass #6 Improve your understanding of wine aromas

Did you know that there are THREE types or sources of aroma in that glass of wine you are drinking? Some come directly from the grape itself .... “naturally” you might say! But others arise from chemical reactions taking place during fermentation.... and once again, you might say “so what”! And then there is the … Continue reading Wine Masterclass #6 Improve your understanding of wine aromas

Wine Lovers Masterclass #4 Terroir and The Burgundy Effect

An entertaining way of increasing your understanding of the concept of “terroir”. We begin with a little history of what has become known as The Burgundy Effect and how the search for the right environment around the world to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay created a revolution. Then, we follow with a movie following seven Burgundian winemakers across the four seasons of a single year with their families as they strive to achieve perfection in their wine.

Wine Lovers Masterclass: #2 The Chemistry of Wine Tasting

Ever wondered why you “think” you taste blackcurrants in a Malbec or gooseberries in Sauvignon Blanc? Or why some people taste liquorice and cigar box in some wines and you don’t? Here’s the answer to those flavours in wine tasting ..... a little understanding of chemistry will show you that NONE of these fruits etc actually exist in a wine, and that an inability to detect them should NOT discourage you from visiting vineyards, exploring new grapes, new wines, new countries. Travel the world of wine at home too ..... try something different!

Wine Lovers Masterclass: #1 The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting

An easily understandable description of how our brains interpret personal taste in wine, especially how it is “smell” rather than “taste” that makes the greatest contribution. Your personal wine tasting and wine appreciation will never be the same once you have discovered the secret of retronasal smell.