Wine Lovers Masterclass: #1 The Neuroscience of Wine Tasting

An easily understandable description of how our brains interpret personal taste in wine, especially how it is “smell” rather than “taste” that makes the greatest contribution. Your personal wine tasting and wine appreciation will never be the same once you have discovered the secret of retronasal smell.

A Zoom virtual wine tasting beats Coronavirus!

Family wine tastings are a bit of a challenge at present with Coronavirus preventing buying a wine and then the risk of the family coming together. The first of these, buying a wine, is not a problem to this family since we all have large collections built up over many years of visiting vineyards across … Continue reading A Zoom virtual wine tasting beats Coronavirus!

The first EVER wine competition

Dry December: The First Wine Competition  It’s just over a year now since I spent an evening in Manchester tasting 40 or so wines as a judge in the annual People’s Choice Wine Awards. It’s a different type of wine assessment in which wines from supermarkets are tasted and judged for their quality and suitability … Continue reading The first EVER wine competition

No Wine November #Chablis!

  This is my third month of not drinking any alcohol due to my prostate cancer and prostatectomy, entirely self imposed when the general advice is to "cut down" on things like caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol. But I have never been one for half measures in my career, life in general, or my hobbies. … Continue reading No Wine November #Chablis!