Picture behind the story, #17 Disaster in Glasgow!

A personal PhotoChallenge matching a story to a photo every day for 30 days with short tales of travel, mountaineering, Nepal, art, and a few personal ones too! 17. Disaster in Glasgow! Great Gable, the iconic perfect mountain shaped peak at the head of Wasdale, I’d been up this mountain many times growing up in … Continue reading Picture behind the story, #17 Disaster in Glasgow!

Place in the World: Mountains, Lakes, Sea, History …. Cumbria, UK

This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge asks us to show our place in the world, somewhere that “pulls us” towards it, a place where we feel comfortable and identify with. I’m a Cumbrian first and foremost, an Englishman second, nothing else! My Place has a wild coastline, the highest mountains and deepest lakes in England, and … Continue reading Place in the World: Mountains, Lakes, Sea, History …. Cumbria, UK

WordPress Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

A Pedestrian Bridge for Pedestrian Times This ancient Packhorse bridge at Wasdale Head, Cumbria, UK, dates back at least 200 years but may be older as there has been a church established here (St Olaf’s) since Saxon times. It is a pedestrian bridge from more pedestrian times, used by smugglers as well as farmers moving … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

The 7 Wonders of England!

The 7 Wonders of The World from any era is a talking point for most travellers. Many will have some of the modern Wonders in their bucket lists, as well as other UNESCO world heritage sites, and some travellers will even research various lists that have been compiled from antiquity to the present day. But … Continue reading The 7 Wonders of England!