Was this the birthplace of a revolution that changed the world?

Coalbrookdale is a truly significant place in the history of the Industrial Revolution. It was here that Abraham Darby changed ironmaking by using coke instead of charcoal and his original furnace is preserved as a historic reminder.

This is how to meet your ancestors!

Probably the best outdoor museum in England, Blists Hill in the Ironbridge Gorge is a reconstructed Victorian Town where you can relive a typical day in shops, a pub, a working foundry, and even buy fish and chips old style.

England gets a bloody nose!

In my ignorance we visited Upnor Castle in our “usual mode” of being interested in the building and it’s purpose, but unusually for us, without any research into its history or related events. Because of this a bit of a shock was delivered within a few minutes of our arrival! (This is a follow up … Continue reading England gets a bloody nose!

Industrial Rides: The Gladstone Pottery Museum

A lovely museum with three perfectly preserved bottle kilns and workshops showing the working of a typical pottery during the Industrial Revolution. If you’ve read Arnold Bennett Anna of the Five Towns you must visit this place.

The magnificent abbeys of Yorkshire

The first day of our continuation of The Tour of England, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and we cross the open border into England’s largest county ..... Yorkshire, the land of Richard III (but not his bones), Geoffrey Boycott England’s greatest ever cricketer (if you believe him), Tetley Tea, Rugby League, and the ubiquitous Yorkshire Pudding! Also they have … Continue reading The magnificent abbeys of Yorkshire