WineArt #12 Art in the vines

Art has become associated with wine in so many different ways and includes paintings about wine, paintings of wine, wine-art in brasseries and bars, or decorative wine-art in your home. Wine labels have become more artistic too rather than the… Read More ›

Wine Lovers Masterclass: #2 The Chemistry of Wine Tasting

Ever wondered why you “think” you taste blackcurrants in a Malbec or gooseberries in Sauvignon Blanc? Or why some people taste liquorice and cigar box in some wines and you don’t? Here’s the answer to those flavours in wine tasting ….. a little understanding of chemistry will show you that NONE of these fruits etc actually exist in a wine, and that an inability to detect them should NOT discourage you from visiting vineyards, exploring new grapes, new wines, new countries. Travel the world of wine at home too ….. try something different!