How memories contribute to identity

Memories from a visit to the Blists Hill outdoor museum plus feelings of identity standing in a Cumbrian field have awakened even more intense memories that I am sure have a lot to do with my past 6 months family history research. Rolling all of these things together takes me back to when we had … Continue reading How memories contribute to identity

We love our village, do you love yours?

Returning from a holiday I usually spend a few days sifting through the hundreds of photos selecting which ones to keep, which ALWAYS makes me recognise the beauty and interest around us all of the time. A famous river, a medieval church, a nature reserve, Georgian architecture, cafes and pubs, meadows and woods. So here … Continue reading We love our village, do you love yours?

Memories of a ten bob note!

Ten bob, or ten shillings from the mid 1950s equals 50p as a direct conversion in today's UK currency. But using a Purchasing Power Calculator it would actually be worth £11.80 in value today I walked out of the front door at 2 Bankfield Rd, Haverigg, Cumbria with a ten bob note in one pocket, … Continue reading Memories of a ten bob note!