Keep Calm and Carry On!

Do you know the history and background to this saying that now appears on mugs, key rings, posters, biscuit tins, coasters, table mats ..............? Here’s a sample from Wikipedia: “Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II. The poster was intended … Continue reading Keep Calm and Carry On!

Ego Integrity and understanding your identity.

It’s not often I repeat a post, unless it’s a few years old, but this one is immediately relevant even though I originally posted it only 7 months ago. It has been the catalyst for my Ego Integrity series of 8 articles which concluded last Friday and was originally written just a week after I … Continue reading Ego Integrity and understanding your identity.

Flummox Friday: Buddhist Stoic Golden Rule #6 (Values & Ethics)

My earlier post outlined my 8 Golden Rules with #6 being “Make ethics and values the central issue of your day to day life”; here’s some background and personal experiences that led to me include this vital rule which should really be #1! 1. Values in business Around 30 years ago I was recruited by … Continue reading Flummox Friday: Buddhist Stoic Golden Rule #6 (Values & Ethics)

A Flummox of Philosophers!

An ongoing series of short posts about schools of philosophy and individual thinkers through the ages. Some of them I briefly studied during my psychology degree, others I have considered more recently in retirement and old age. This is NOT a rigorous or academic treatise ..... but it might make you think! And remember, philosophy … Continue reading A Flummox of Philosophers!

Perseverance: #2 The Meaning of Things

The Meaning of Things I first read AC Grayling's "The Meaning of Things" about 10 years ago just as we were setting up our education foundation in Nepal. The short anecdotes on a wide range of values and philosophies are easy to read and are an interesting take on personal philosophy. As read the book … Continue reading Perseverance: #2 The Meaning of Things