Where are all the feminist protesters other than grandstanding?

I have never been “in tune” with the feminazi who have inflamed America and swarmed across the globe. From celebrities to ordinary women they have virtue signalled ad nauseum whilst ignoring the plight of billions of women, young and old typified by this little girl in Nepal. She’s just 7 years old but looks somewhere … Continue reading Where are all the feminist protesters other than grandstanding?

Thomas Jefferson in Burgundy

Continuing the Burgundy theme, did you know of the connection between one of the founding fathers of the USA and Burgundy?
Thomas Jefferson once declared “good wine is a necessity of life for me” as well as the more famous “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
I was prompted to read more about Jefferson when I came across an article in L’Occasion, the blog of Jill Barth, describing Jefferson and his love of Burgundy. A simple Internet search led me to this statement below in Vineyardgate:
“Jefferson clearly had a fondness for Burgundy, but even he realised back then that unlike Bordeaux, which was a cakewalk for him, Burgundy wasn’t easy to navigate. He found help in the person of Etienne Parent, a cooper in Beaune, whom he met on a visit to Burgundy when he served as ambassador to France. It was said Jefferson and Parent talked shop on wine and viticulture, as well as philosophy and way of life over, we could only imagine, many bottles of great Burgundies.”
So, now read Jill’s article on this great historic man and his love of and travels in Burgundy.


There is a phrase in the French language-déformation professionnnelle-which describes one’s tendency to perceive every situation through the biased eyes of one’s profession. But consider the constant shape-shifting of reality for a man with armloads of professions: inventor, farmer, author, diplomat, ambassador, drafter, architect, teacher, United States President, archaeologist and onward.

Thomas Jefferson at Monticello Me and TJ at Monticello. If I look happy, it is true. I am Jefferson-ophile and visiting his home has been one of my travel highlights. Credit: Jason Barth

Jefferson, Wine Lover

Thomas Jefferson was all of these things; he was pretty much whatever he wanted to be, whenever he wanted to be it. And yet he was precise in many ways when it came to wine, one of his great loves. There seems to be a persona, a TJ (as they say in his home state of Virginia) bailiwick that wraps up the presence that wine…

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Native American Indian culture at Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum introduces itself as "an educational, nonprofit resource that sparks creative thinking and expression through transformative experiences with art. Its holdings reflect the city and region—and provide invaluable ways for the community to learn about cultures from around the world." We visited in April 2017 attracted by their focus on cultures in … Continue reading Native American Indian culture at Denver Art Museum