WordPress Photo Challenge: Rounded …… in Oxford #2

Oxford Museum of Natural History is my venue for a second photo in this weeks Photo Challenge. It’s internal roof structure is a magnificent lattice of straight cast iron girders, occasionally interrupted by ..... a circle! Why, I have no idea, but it looks good and must have a purpose. Rounded

WordPress Photo Challenge: Rounded …… in Oxford

I took this photo a while back in Oxford of the rounded Radcliffe Camera building, designed by James Gibbs to house the Radcliffe Science Library of the University in 1737. I couldn’t resist a photo splash effect with the student and her bike against a monochrome background on a quiet morning before the crowds of … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: Rounded …… in Oxford

Burgundy; A photo symphony

Wandering through the villages of Burgundy gives endless opportunities for photography if one is mindful of the smaller things making up the landscape, the architecture, the market, the street. This is a personal selection of images in monochrome.