Still keeping calm and carrying on!

A little bit of sunshine does you good! So now the UK is in virtual lockdown. “Am I bovvered?” Not a bit. Did a bit of gardening this morning planting out the onions I’d pre sprouted, reorganised the larder shelves and had a long chat with my best friend in Kathmandu. Now, sitting in the … Continue reading Still keeping calm and carrying on!

2019 Replay: Predicting a new “Class War”?

This was one of our first posts of 2019 which equated a new class war in the U.K. with the great Brexit divide. This class war isn't segregating people into lower, middle, upper classes based on education, income, career. What I sensed was segregation between people who respected democracy and those who didn't, people who … Continue reading 2019 Replay: Predicting a new “Class War”?

Love your country!

I woke up at 3am on the morning of Friday 13th December; was this another trip to the toilet driven by my lack of a prostate after surgery in October or was it driven by a subconscious fear of finding my family now living in a Marxist anti-Semitic dystopia? I trudged to the living room, … Continue reading Love your country!

BBC no longer trusted by British people.

For some time now since the decision by the British people to LEAVE the European Union it has been extremely difficult to find any positive, or even balanced reporting, about the consequences, process, or the actual negotiations about Brexit. You have to search really hard to find facts about the growth in employment, the meteoric … Continue reading BBC no longer trusted by British people.

Biased BBC called out by MPs!

At last the BBC are taken to task by a group of 72 MPs for their utterly biased reporting about Brexit, choosing only to report in the most negative of ways. As I have said previously on this blog they have no time or space for some of the fantastic news that has occurred in … Continue reading Biased BBC called out by MPs!