Imaginative Ancestry #4: Shakespeare’s England 1485-1603

The beginning of the reign of Henry Tudor in 1485 did not signal the end of the Medieval period in English history, and nor did William Shakespeare live across the entire span of Tudor monarchs up to the death of Elizabeth in 1603. But like many writers after him, such as Pepys, Boswell, Fielding, Jane … Continue reading Imaginative Ancestry #4: Shakespeare’s England 1485-1603

Imaginative Ancestry: 1. The shifting fabric

“Our imagination craves to behold our ancestors as they really were, going about their daily business and daily pleasure. In fact the whole appeal of history (and ancestry) (my addition) is imaginative, and without social history especially, economic history is barren and political history is unintelligible” These words are taken from the opening chapter of … Continue reading Imaginative Ancestry: 1. The shifting fabric