It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

Today is Buddha’s birthday, May 18th, or Baisakh full moon in Nepal’s calendar, together with the anniversary of his enlightenment and of his death. In Kathmandu almost every single person will be visiting temples, monasteries and shrines to celebrate. We have experienced such a day in Nepal as we walked to the top of the … Continue reading It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

“Religion is poison”: Book review!

"Religion is poison"? The title of this post is a quote, but do you know who said it and to whom? It wasn't Richard Dawkins, though judging by the bad press he often gets and the "no platform" action against him it's a wonder he doesn't constantly shout it out loud. It's now 11 years … Continue reading “Religion is poison”: Book review!

The alternative Kathmandu: #3 A different Temple

The alternative Kathmandu  If this is your second visit to Kathmandu you may be in need of a few thoughts to explore the city further, understand it more, so you don't just have a quick stay before shooting off to Pokhara, Solu Kumbhu etc. If this is your first visit then we hope to help … Continue reading The alternative Kathmandu: #3 A different Temple

What does #Buddha ask when he walks into a Church?

Buddha Walks Into a Church and .... Whenever a Westerner travels to "the East" they are invariably drawn to places of the Buddhist or Hindu religion  whether they are in India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Japan or China. Mostly for photographic opportunity, including the selfie holding up the temple or sitting with the Buddha, but rarely … Continue reading What does #Buddha ask when he walks into a Church?

Mani walls for company

I have ambled, trekked, climbed all over Nepal, from the Annapurnas and  Langtang to the length of the Solu Kumbhu. Many times! Sometimes in a group, sometimes alone or with just one porter. Always new people to meet, always new sights to see. But one thing was consistent and enduring wherever I went: the Mani … Continue reading Mani walls for company