How’s YOUR Brexit planning?

The vitriolic atmosphere surrounding the UKs withdrawal from the EU continues to accelerate with numerous attempts to undermine and even overturn the referendum result, especially from that poison dwarf Speaker Bercow, as well as clamours to alter the franchise and… Read More ›

Well done Jeremy Corbyn!

I don’t usually post at weekends and ….. I know I know …… you wouldn’t expect me to write something in praise of Dear Jeremy. But his decisive action in removing Owen Smith from his shadow cabinet of senior politicians… Read More ›

As sick as a German parrot!

The result of the Italian election will have resulted in a seismic shock with an epicentre in Brussels but felt in Berlin and Paris. The bubbly will have been flowing however in Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and …… of course the U.K. Time to realise that they, the EU, are doomed!