Watch how to obliterate a Marxist

The fact that the leadership of the official UK opposition party, The Labour Party, is now controlled by Marxists should be a concern to all of us. And yet their transgressions are somehow overlooked by a deluded section of the British population, especially those whose source of information is Facebook or Twitter as they read … Continue reading Watch how to obliterate a Marxist

How’s YOUR Brexit planning?

The vitriolic atmosphere surrounding the UKs withdrawal from the EU continues to accelerate with numerous attempts to undermine and even overturn the referendum result, especially from that poison dwarf Speaker Bercow, as well as clamours to alter the franchise and prevent people over 65 years of age from voting forwarded by the despicable Polly Toynbee … Continue reading How’s YOUR Brexit planning?

Well done Jeremy Corbyn!

I don’t usually post at weekends and ..... I know I know ...... you wouldn’t expect me to write something in praise of Dear Jeremy. But his decisive action in removing Owen Smith from his shadow cabinet of senior politicians because he supported calls for a second referendum on Brexit is worthy of “some” praise. … Continue reading Well done Jeremy Corbyn!

BBC no longer trusted by British people.

For some time now since the decision by the British people to LEAVE the European Union it has been extremely difficult to find any positive, or even balanced reporting, about the consequences, process, or the actual negotiations about Brexit. You have to search really hard to find facts about the growth in employment, the meteoric … Continue reading BBC no longer trusted by British people.