Ego Integrity: 4/8 Personal career change

This is the fourth in a series of eight “old age” reflections on this period of my life. (The process and place of such reflections is described in the final paragraph.) It conjures up the words, focus, values, professional, challenge, learning, relationships, career, growth, psychologist, intellectual, power, change, transformation, wealth. The personal change I experienced … Continue reading Ego Integrity: 4/8 Personal career change

Liar, liar brain’s on fire!

Lying repeatedly about Brexit is affecting your brain! It began with a wave of cognitive dissonance that swept the country in the run up to the Referendum last year as tribal political allegiances were shattered. It continued in the aftermath of a Leave victory with an outbreak of amygdala hijacks in which the Remain voters expressed … Continue reading Liar, liar brain’s on fire!