A family wine night!

Our daughter’s birthday, fine wine, a brilliant charcuterie, a home made wine quiz, a barrel of laughs. The pictures tell it all, apart from the morning headaches! 1. Get ready 2. The birthday girl 3. The charcuterie 4. The wine quiz 5. She’s raiding my wine chiller! Wines enjoyed, Cremant de Loire, Cuvee Flamme; Savennières … Continue reading A family wine night!

Wine philosophy!

A very interesting article from Nigel Burton entitled A short philosophy of wine (Nigel Burton, MD) has set me thinking (in an Epicurean kind of way) more specifically about “what wine has done for me” across my lifetime. As his preface to the more philosophical bits, here’s what Nigel wrote: “When you uncork a bottle … Continue reading Wine philosophy!

How to survive a day in Burgundy without wine tasting!

If you are into wine travel, a day without wine tasting in Burgundy seems odd, especially when staying in Meursault, only a few km away from Volnay, Pommard and Beaune to the North, and a few km away from Puligny Montrachet and Santenay to the South! But pacing yourself is essential when you’re staying here … Continue reading How to survive a day in Burgundy without wine tasting!

Pommard or Volnay?

Pommard or Volnay? It’s a bit like asking crab or lobster, roast potatoes or boiled, caviar or truffles! I like both, they are the same grape, Pinot Noir; two villages in Burgundy only 1km apart, vineyards adjacent to each other; but ...... the terroir, oh the terroir, so different..... soil, slope angle, moisture ..... So … Continue reading Pommard or Volnay?