The garden that keeps giving!

More produce from the Brexit garden, now need a wheelbarrow for the carrots! Leeks on the way, salads in full swing, soon be sowing dwarf beans and winter lettuce in the greenhouse. Dr C currently making buckets of carrot soup for when the food shortages kick in, and I've just got back from stocking up … Continue reading The garden that keeps giving!

The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

“I don’t think I have ever sensed a national population so unhappy, so angry, so divided, so disturbed even, as how your country appears today” said Sid (Buddha to most other folks) “Yes Sid, but, with respect, your perception is not so enlightening because the unhappiness is so tangible everywhere, at work, in shops, on … Continue reading The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

How’s YOUR Brexit planning?

The vitriolic atmosphere surrounding the UKs withdrawal from the EU continues to accelerate with numerous attempts to undermine and even overturn the referendum result, especially from that poison dwarf Speaker Bercow, as well as clamours to alter the franchise and prevent people over 65 years of age from voting forwarded by the despicable Polly Toynbee … Continue reading How’s YOUR Brexit planning?

Yes, we’re old, but not white supremacists!

Buddha walks into his usual wine bar and greets his two mates, The Two Doctors: “Namaste you two, I see you’ve been travelling again, how was it?” Said Buddha (Sid to his mates) “A bit mixed, some long drives, but good visits to castles and abbeys, cultural and historic!” “Ah, speaking of historic, you two … Continue reading Yes, we’re old, but not white supremacists!