The Wines of Gala: #1 Purple

I may not be drinking any wine at present, but I can still read, learn, improve my knowledge. In this case I am absorbing something of Salvador Dalí, who was not only a great artist he was a connoisseur of wine. He categorised  the wines he drank into groupings associated with his emotions and his … Continue reading The Wines of Gala: #1 Purple

It’s not Burgundy but …….

It's Not About The Wine is one of my oft used phrases, at home when imbibing, on holiday, visiting vineyards, or blogging about wine. What I mean is that there's MORE to tasting or drinking wine than the bottle, or what's in your glass. Heidegger would call it "Being, or Being and time" with a … Continue reading It’s not Burgundy but …….

Wines 101 #6 Goodbye Europe, Hello World!

No, it’s not what you think ... I have NOT been influenced by the naysayers with their: After Brexit .... We can’t travel to Europe Planes can’t fly over Britain We won’t have low cost flights any more We won’t be able to buy French wines The cost of my Prosecco will go up I'll … Continue reading Wines 101 #6 Goodbye Europe, Hello World!

Wines 101 #5 No cats pee or gooseberry bush thank you!

Menetou-Salon Located directly southwest of Sancerre, this relatively small appellation produces a brilliant range of high-quality white, red and rosé wines that offer excellent value. Sauvignon Blanc is the predominant grape here with some Pinot Noir now being cultivated too.The vines are mostly planted in upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian limestone sediment, exactly the same as in … Continue reading Wines 101 #5 No cats pee or gooseberry bush thank you!

Wine Wednesday: #3 How to match wines to your personality ….

This weeks edition of Wine Wednesday is packed again with articles to help the wine novice or beginner. Starting with an article from Wine Folly about matching wine to your personality or vice versa. As a psychologist I’m professionally sceptical about things like this, but it’s a fun read AND it DID predict my favourite … Continue reading Wine Wednesday: #3 How to match wines to your personality ….