“I Drink Therefore I Am”

What's the connection between Francis Bacon, Roger Scruton, Dr B’s PhD, and a glass of Cabernet Franc in a wine bar called Cave Voltaire in Chinon, the home town of Rabelais? This is going to be one hell of a post if I can convince you of the connection. Sitting here today in the Cave … Continue reading “I Drink Therefore I Am”

How to understand your identity.

Researching my family tree recently has opened my eyes a great deal to the social history of the 1700s and 1800s in England which affected the lives of my ancestors. Many of my posts have been themed as Imaginative Ancestry as I tried to imagine the lives of tin miners in Cornwall, agricultural workers in … Continue reading How to understand your identity.

It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

Today is Buddha’s birthday, May 18th, or Baisakh full moon in Nepal’s calendar, together with the anniversary of his enlightenment and of his death. In Kathmandu almost every single person will be visiting temples, monasteries and shrines to celebrate. We have experienced such a day in Nepal as we walked to the top of the … Continue reading It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

"Hello Sid, you found us!" said Dr C as Buddha sat down beside them in the library. "Yes, it took a while since we used to meet in the wine bar and now you spend more time in the library, is this to be our usual meeting place?" "Sure Sid," I said, "we need to … Continue reading Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

Imaginative Ancestry: 3. Caxton’s England, 1422-1491

My ancestors may not have known William Caxton but they sure as heck were influenced by him, as were all of YOUR ancestors if you live in the English speaking world. His machine did more than just print “things”...... it prepared the way for a new language, literary English, in which multiple dialects were unified … Continue reading Imaginative Ancestry: 3. Caxton’s England, 1422-1491