How to easily recognise culture

We love France, the French people, the towns and villages, their wine, and ……… their enduring and delightful ways of maintaining and demonstrating their culture. Festivals that celebrate obscure events like the grapes first turning red, the escargot, the moule, and so on. But there is a sure fire way to see how much they … Continue reading How to easily recognise culture

A Flummox of Philosophers: #4 The Atomists

Democritus and Epicurus are my two philosophers from Ancient Greece featured in this post who both subscribed to the belief that everything consisted of atoms and void, with “atomon” meaning “indivisible”. As you will probably realise the same term was used by the 19th Century scientists to describe their findings of elemental particles of matter. … Continue reading A Flummox of Philosophers: #4 The Atomists