The Treasure of Vix

We had a very pleasant surprise on reading about The “Treasure of Vix” a few days before our recent foray into France again and discovering it was on our route into Burgundy. The Treasure is a collection of artefacts housed in the Vix Museum at Chatillon-Sur-Seine, and being situated between the end of Champagne and … Continue reading The Treasure of Vix

WordPress Photo Challenge: The Thames As Tour Guide

Living in the Cotswolds can be a blessing and a nightmare, the latter being mostly caused by summer traffic through our tiny villages and over ancient bridges. But there are many positives too; surrounded by historic medieval churches, Neolithic stone circles, ancient footpaths, Roman villas and ruins, and the old River Thames that runs through … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: The Thames As Tour Guide

A walk into the Neolithic

It's only a short 30min drive from our house to a small but interesting Late Neolithic set of stone circles we had been meaning to visit for some time; Not on as grand a scale as Avebury or Stonehenge, but worth the trip even if it was snowing and the windchill had the temperature at … Continue reading A walk into the Neolithic