Green Fingers: Fruit ‘n Veg time!

Continuing the saga of my Brexit garden for when we can no longer get certain vegetables in Britain any more ..... that's what "Project Fear" told us. So, Snowflakes ..... grow yer own:

Do you have “green fingers”?

Grandad taught me how to grow vegetables, especially onions ..... and carrots. They go together, the first scaring away the dreaded carrot fly. I followed his advice and guidance through my youth, middle age and into old age. But this year I fancied a flower or two. Being a tight-git of a Northerner, everything had … Continue reading Do you have “green fingers”?

What did you learn from your Grandad?

What do you remember from being a 5 year old child? In my case it's mostly about gardening with my grandad, a Cornish miner who migrated to Cumbria where I was born. He had an allotment garden, about 400 yards from his house in Haverigg where he mostly grew vegetables, especially onions, as did most … Continue reading What did you learn from your Grandad?

Macro Monday: The Alium and the Bee!

A member of the onion family, garden Aliums are a welcome burst of colour between Spring and Summer. But it’s the Bumblebee that caught my attention here. Did you know: A bee can detect a single molecule of sugar at a distance of one mile!? Bumblebees hibernate under the ground? They will NOT die if … Continue reading Macro Monday: The Alium and the Bee!