This is how to meet your ancestors!

Probably the best outdoor museum in England, Blists Hill in the Ironbridge Gorge is a reconstructed Victorian Town where you can relive a typical day in shops, a pub, a working foundry, and even buy fish and chips old style.

In praise of: Malaga museums

Malaga is one of those cities with an absolute plethora of museums and art galleries, not on the scale of The Prado, Louvre or Capitoline for example, but other than “scale” any comparisons are unfair and meaningless. They add interest and variety to taking a holiday in the city, a break from wine, tapas, and … Continue reading In praise of: Malaga museums

Budapest, a visit to the Museum of Art Nouveau

I always try and fit in at least one gallery or museum between wine tastings wherever we visit around the world, many are non mainstream such as the surrealist Museo Ralli in Marbella, The Slav Epic in Prague, Museo Cezar Manrique in Lanzarote, and the Native American Museum in Denver to name but a few. … Continue reading Budapest, a visit to the Museum of Art Nouveau

WordPress Photo Challenge: Rounded …… in Oxford #2

Oxford Museum of Natural History is my venue for a second photo in this weeks Photo Challenge. It’s internal roof structure is a magnificent lattice of straight cast iron girders, occasionally interrupted by ..... a circle! Why, I have no idea, but it looks good and must have a purpose. Rounded