Book Review: The Savernake Novels #7

One Misty Moisty Morning, Susanna M Newstead "One misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather, I met with an old man a-clothèd all in leather. He was clothèd all in leather, with a cap beneath his chin, Singing 'How d'ye do and how d'ye do and how d'ye do again'." This is the title … Continue reading Book Review: The Savernake Novels #7

Medieval Marketing, Holy Blood, and the first Brexit!

Henry VIII got a bad press for his regular wife exchange and destruction of the monasteries, but he was on a more significant mission of systematically dismantling an autocratic rule from Europe and removing the scam of holy relics being used to con a gullible public into parting with their cash! A TV programme and a visit to Hailes Abbey brings it all to life.

Medieval punishments required?

About 18 months ago our village church was vandalised, it followed on from a spate of vandalism in the area which also included our community centre and offices being burned to the ground! The parish council and church response was to close the church during weekdays, a blow to the local community and the waves … Continue reading Medieval punishments required?

Chateau Montreuil-Bellay without wine!

Don’t you just love French Chateau, especially if they are involved in winemaking too! Externally preserved quite wonderfully because Oliver Cromwell and his cannons had no cause to cross the water, but often bereft internally, stripped of all furnishings. A marvellous exterior is let down by a soulless interior. We visited the small town of … Continue reading Chateau Montreuil-Bellay without wine!

Trees and Teas in a Medieval Forest

Stanton Park, Wiltshire ....... only 7 miles away yet never visited in our 32 years of living at the southern tip of the Cotswolds! A phone call from our daughter led to us meeting there late morning followed by a wonderful slow walk through just a small part of this medieval forest. Marked trails took … Continue reading Trees and Teas in a Medieval Forest