In praise of: Malaga museums

Malaga is one of those cities with an absolute plethora of museums and art galleries, not on the scale of The Prado, Louvre or Capitoline for example, but other than “scale” any comparisons are unfair and meaningless. They add interest and variety to taking a holiday in the city, a break from wine, tapas, and … Continue reading In praise of: Malaga museums

Malaga: First Impressions

This is our third trip to Malaga, a lovely town on the south coast of Spain. We are here for a week and now into our third day, not going anywhere, just mooching around the seafront, the tapas bars, museums and galleries and tomorrow ...... the shops. Here’s a sample of how Malaga looks .... … Continue reading Malaga: First Impressions

Travel Technology: “Turn on, tune in …..”

I have never subscribed to the concept "it is better to travel than to arrive", unless it was a long trek to walk to my mountain several days away in the Himalaya. Modern travel whizzes us around the globe in hermetically sealed aircraft, arriving in a different time zone often exhausted and dehydrated. Our circadian … Continue reading Travel Technology: “Turn on, tune in …..”