WordPress Photo Challenge: Structure-Ancient & Modern

Structure-Ancient & Modern Structure defines shape, gives strength, and is a controller in the "man made world". Much of my photography seeks out structure especially in architecture as we travel the world and I offer three contrasting examples from The Ancient World of Rome, A Victorian Museum in Oxford, and Modern Day Madrid Airport. We … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: Structure-Ancient & Modern

From mindless to mindfulness in Madrid!

As I stood in awe looking at El Bosco's "Garden of Earthly Delights" in The Prado, Madrid, I realised that something had changed. Not in the painting but in myself. Nine months earlier I looked at the Mona Lisa in The Louvre and thought "isn't it a bit small"? Six months earlier I sat on … Continue reading From mindless to mindfulness in Madrid!

Local: A mosaic of museums 2016

A fellow blogger recently wrote an article about what it is that gives people "the travel bug", is it genetic handed on from parents, is it a single experience of a childhood holiday, is it influence from a friend? In my case it doesn't seem to be any of these, certainly not genetic because the … Continue reading Local: A mosaic of museums 2016

Travel: In search of El Bosco!

Persuading Dr C to accompany me to an art gallery in Bruges was a major triumph and one I was determined would be an "opinion changing experience for her" following on from her positive experience viewing The Slav Epic exhibition in Prague. My trump card was The Last Judgement Tryptych by Hieronymus Bosch, also known … Continue reading Travel: In search of El Bosco!