Wine tasting with troglodytes ….. no pressure!

The French wine appellation of Saumur-Champigny has been missing off my radar for at least 30 years, and I know this because it was 1987 when my last wine log record shows I drank a bottle! At that time I was mostly buying and drinking “well aged clarets” (red Bordeaux wines) so the lighter style … Continue reading Wine tasting with troglodytes ….. no pressure!

Wines 101 #5 No cats pee or gooseberry bush thank you!

Menetou-Salon Located directly southwest of Sancerre, this relatively small appellation produces a brilliant range of high-quality white, red and rosé wines that offer excellent value. Sauvignon Blanc is the predominant grape here with some Pinot Noir now being cultivated too.The vines are mostly planted in upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian limestone sediment, exactly the same as in … Continue reading Wines 101 #5 No cats pee or gooseberry bush thank you!

Chateau de Breze, If only walls could talk!

We drove through the beautiful village of Breze quite early as it was only 5 miles away from our hotel in Fontevraud and would be a good start to the day before visiting Saumur for lunch later. Parking alongside the Chateau prompted different emotions, Dr C delighted because we were surrounded by vines she could … Continue reading Chateau de Breze, If only walls could talk!

Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

French Chateau, love ‘em on the outside, hate ‘em on the inside! Soulless, bereft of character, mostly empty or with a few artefacts as an afterthought! Here’s a simple comparison before I move on, Dover Castle, Kent, England. No words necessary, just see how they have painstakingly restored the splendid grandeur of some of the … Continue reading Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

Wines 101: #3 Vines for women?

No, this is NOT a genderist or sexist post, have patience all will be revealed! Our arrival at the port of Le Havre and subsequent departure for a Savennieres wine tasting was not without incident; returning to our car parked on an outside deck the previous night we discovered we were not to be the first … Continue reading Wines 101: #3 Vines for women?