WordPress Photo Challenge: The Thames As Tour Guide

Living in the Cotswolds can be a blessing and a nightmare, the latter being mostly caused by summer traffic through our tiny villages and over ancient bridges. But there are many positives too; surrounded by historic medieval churches, Neolithic stone circles, ancient footpaths, Roman villas and ruins, and the old River Thames that runs through … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: The Thames As Tour Guide

We love our village, do you love yours?

Returning from a holiday I usually spend a few days sifting through the hundreds of photos selecting which ones to keep, which ALWAYS makes me recognise the beauty and interest around us all of the time. A famous river, a medieval church, a nature reserve, Georgian architecture, cafes and pubs, meadows and woods. So here … Continue reading We love our village, do you love yours?

Look up with your camera!

A simple post today after a wander around our Cotswolds village pointing my camera upwards. It's amazing how many photos we take with the camera level in streets and towns when there are many interesting things to see above us. Rooftops, chimneys, tiles, signs, you name it all waiting to be noticed. Here's a few … Continue reading Look up with your camera!

Local:Winter walks …..continued!

A big advantage of a hard frost is that you don't get your wellies dirty and are not fast every stride in leg sucking mud across Cotswolds ploughed fields. But the really BIG advantage is from all of the colours and light-shade opportunities there are for photographs and yesterday was perfect. Two hours and four … Continue reading Local:Winter walks …..continued!