Wine Wednesday: #3 How to match wines to your personality ….

This weeks edition of Wine Wednesday is packed again with articles to help the wine novice or beginner. Starting with an article from Wine Folly about matching wine to your personality or vice versa. As a psychologist I’m professionally sceptical about things like this, but it’s a fun read AND it DID predict my favourite … Continue reading Wine Wednesday: #3 How to match wines to your personality ….

Wine Wednesday #2: How to spend less on wine …. and more!

WINE WEDNESDAY #2 Interested in wine and want to understand more but don’t know how or where to look? Fed up of professional AND amateur’s tasting notes with a "fruit salad bingo" description? Frustrated by internet articles recommending wines in a UK supermarket when you live in the US, or wines in an Italian wine … Continue reading Wine Wednesday #2: How to spend less on wine …. and more!

Cremant, Next big thing in Sparkling Wine?

Champagne and Prosecco might be the dominant markets for fizzy wine globally at present, but a moments thought should lead you to discover another sparkling wine type ..... Cremant. This is the generic name for wines made in France that are not permitted to use the name Champagne, simply because they are not from that … Continue reading Cremant, Next big thing in Sparkling Wine?

From wine bluff to wine buff!

Wine tasting your way from being a Wine Bluff to a Wine Buff can be a long journey, in my case over 40 years since being a student. What began as a few bottles each on a Saturday night in Glasgow became a serious team study of grapes, countries, wine regions and wine producers. Wine collecting then evolved into wine travel as holidays were often into wine regions in France, Italy and Spain. It’s a personal wine tale, reblogged here to mark the change in focus and style of my ageing blog. Hope you like it and find some inspiration.

Buddha walks into a wine bar ...


I began my wine tasting journey from “wine bluff to wine buff” when I was 22 years old, and now at 70 I cannot believe how much cheap Spanish and Austrian rotgut I poured down my throat by the time I was 23! (Yes, Austrian, if anyone remembers Hirondelle wines?) However by the time I was 24 I had also swirled, sniffed and slurped a fair number of classed growth red Bordeaux, some fine Burgundies, and even a Chateau y’Quem, (You might need to Google that!) via lots of wine tasting.

Having made ourselves thoroughly ill several times, a small group of us at University of Strathclyde, all postgrads doing PhDs, decided enough was enough. The time had come for some serious research into grapes, countries, bottles, labels, corks, the whole bloody lot, because it sure as hell wasn’t “quantity” making us ill since big Frank could down more…

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What I learned about blogging this month

A bit of a well worn title, especially from an “ancient blogger”, but I deliberately set out to learn something a few months back to infuse this blog with a bit more .... oomph! Blogging tips, how to improve your blog, how to get more followers are often somewhat impersonal and idiosyncratic, but this post … Continue reading What I learned about blogging this month