Book Review: Cross Channel

A slight pause in my ancestry blogging as I post here a review of a book of short stories about the British in France by Julian Barnes, revealing, thought provoking and occasionally hilarious! I quite like France, especially many of their cultural aspects, the people and of course the wine. Reading this book took me … Continue reading Book Review: Cross Channel

Book Review: The Sense Of An Ending; Julian Barnes

The style of writing in this book makes for very easy reading, unlike an earlier work by Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot! Each page held my attention without wanting to skip ahead to find out what happened next, every sentence and paragraph revealed a little something about Tony, his life, and those times from the 1960s and beyond.

Book Review: The Lemon Table – Julian Barnes

Another fine selection of short stories from Julian Barnes summed up in an introduction to the book: "From the salon where an old man measures out his life in haircuts, to the concert hall where a music lover carries out an obsessive campaign against those who cough during performances; from the woman reading elaborate recipes … Continue reading Book Review: The Lemon Table – Julian Barnes