Wine Lovers Masterclass: #3 Taste The Terroir

Want to understand more about why some wines made from the same grape can be so different? Want to feel more confident when visiting a vineyard and during a wine tasting? Then here’s the key to it all: understanding a little about grape varieties is basic level knowledge for wine appreciation, but it is only through considering the defining elements of “terroir” and their affect on any grape (and therefore the finished wine product) that your wine appreciation will rise to greater heights.

How a bawdy philosopher made a monkey of “authority”!

“Monk, doctor, writer, botanist, and translator, Rabelais was one of the most enlightened minds of the Renaissance. Behind the comic, laughter-inducing exterior of his work lie some very important issues; war, education, religion, marriage, and the question of the Other. He was a humanist, his writing full of the new ideas both he and Erasmus … Continue reading How a bawdy philosopher made a monkey of “authority”!

Wines, vines and lines from Rabelais!

Stand on the exact spot in Chinon and you are within 10 metres in three different directions of touching Chateau Chinon, Clos de L'Echo, Domaine Charles Joguet at Caves de Silènes and the French writer Rabelais. What's the connection? Well, Clos de L'Echo used to be owned by the Rabelais family, Domaine Charles Joguet uses … Continue reading Wines, vines and lines from Rabelais!