Not Wordless Wednesday: Our garden goes “exotic”!

I'm well known for my veg, becoming known for my flowers ....... but only at a basic level. But, I wrote a while back about what inspires some of my blogging ..... books, travel, wine and other folks blogs. One of my blogging mates, Andrew, of Have Blog Will Travel, recently had some cracking images … Continue reading Not Wordless Wednesday: Our garden goes “exotic”!

Five keys to inspire your blog posts.

Have you ever suffered from the dreaded “writer’s block”? I can honestly say it has never happened to me, which got me thinking why that might be. I began by googling and reading a few articles which all seemed to be saying the same thing …… basically, set a schedule of writing, be disciplined and … Continue reading Five keys to inspire your blog posts.

Inspired by an Olympian! 

The Year of Sharon

This mornings briefing was very informative for tomorrow’s event … BUT… I was totally star struck by the opportunity to meet Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE with our tour party! I can’t actually remember much from the briefing but I’ll treasure this photo of the 3 of us!

This 2-time Olympic track cycling gold medalist with a string of world titles to her name is cycling the same event tomorrow. As we walked into the briefing today nice and early to get a seat, Joanna walked towards us to greet us both and she said “nice to see another female joining this event” as she shook my hand. I hear that only 6% of the 15000 riders are female! She spent the next 10 minutes chatting away with us both as others joined the briefing. Amazing.

I was so excited to have met her and very inspired even more for tomorrow…

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