UK housing shortage reasons exposed

There is an indisputable housing shortage in Britain, robotically blamed on government policy and an uncaring attitude towards young people and the homeless. But the facts of a recent report dispute this and instead show the impact of that taboo subject ...... immigration! Housing shortage and increased prices or rents are completely linked and nowhere … Continue reading UK housing shortage reasons exposed

UK housing shortage exposed!

During my university days I was taught that “the facts do NOT speak for themselves”, they need sifting, sorting, analysing, understanding, interpreting, and that there will always be cultural, political, philosophical biases. Correlation does not mean causality either, but the way Mainstream Media often report on the facts you would think they are the sole … Continue reading UK housing shortage exposed!

Not The 9 O’Clock News #3

More stories not found on the ABBC yesterday that seem relevant to us here in the U.K. Click the title to read the full story. Big brands fund terror A report in The Times today shows that some big global brands are funding terror groups through adverts on their websites. Includes Waitrose, Mercedes-Benz and Marie … Continue reading Not The 9 O’Clock News #3