Wordless Wednesday: A window into the past

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Sheffield England, c1400s

How to easily recognise culture

We love France, the French people, the towns and villages, their wine, and ……… their enduring and delightful ways of maintaining and demonstrating their culture. Festivals that celebrate obscure events like the grapes first turning red, the escargot, the moule, and so on. But there is a sure fire way to see how much they … Continue reading How to easily recognise culture

How memories contribute to identity

Memories from a visit to the Blists Hill outdoor museum plus feelings of identity standing in a Cumbrian field have awakened even more intense memories that I am sure have a lot to do with my past 6 months family history research. Rolling all of these things together takes me back to when we had … Continue reading How memories contribute to identity

“Industrial Rides” as the ancestral Tour of England continues

“Industrial history is not primarily about machines, raw materials, processes and products. It is about the people who created, innovated, laboured, suffered, acquired, bought and enjoyed, became rich or died young, lived comfortably on the profits or were crushed by the harshness of it all. None of this would have happened without people …….” This … Continue reading “Industrial Rides” as the ancestral Tour of England continues

Book Review: William Cobbett … the greatest Englishman, ever?

William Cobbett is best known as a political satirist, a champion of the working man especially agricultural labourers who he called his “chopsticks”. Born in 1763, across his life he was … a soldier, a pamphleteer, a convict, a journalist, a farmer and a member of Parliament before he died in 1835. He wrote many … Continue reading Book Review: William Cobbett … the greatest Englishman, ever?