Significant Quotations #3 Old age creeps up on you?

What a cracker of an observation from the American poet, Emily E Dickinson! Exactly one year ago before my 72nd birthday I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease which means I must remain on a gluten-free diet for the rest of my life. The gluten was eating me! So, no more pizzas, pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits, … Continue reading Significant Quotations #3 Old age creeps up on you?

Book Review: Travels With Epicurus

Travels with Epicurus (Daniel Klein) A journey to a Greek island in search of an authentic old ageNot exactly a wine book or a book about wine tasting, but it DOES relate to our wine experiences so worth placing in this category. I have just reread it for the second time with a different focus … Continue reading Book Review: Travels With Epicurus

Two Doctors walk into a bar #2: Reflecting on negative reflections!

Positive reflections in old age are an important part of personal fulfilment. Existentialism and Epicureanism are ready made concepts to guide you into it, unless you are part of the Forever Young Brigade!