New Year Resolutions for Wine Lovers

By now the scramble to write objectives, goals and new year resolutions should have died down. Also, Dry January has been and gone thank goodness, so how about some guidance for wine lovers who are looking for ways to maybe drink less, but also broaden their wine horizons? Here’s four goals that can help and … Continue reading New Year Resolutions for Wine Lovers

Wine Wednesday: The Prawn and the Picpoul!

Picpoul de Pinet is one of the lesser known, but rising stars of the white wine world. Grown in the Languedoc region of France it is a fantastic accompaniment for any seafood or as a chilled aperitif on a warm summers day. Still bargain value at under a £tenner a bottle!

How many different wine grapes have you tasted?

I have just received my certificate and been accepted as a member of the exclusive Wine Century Club, an organisation for people who can show they have tasted 100 different grape varieties used in wines from around the world. It has taken me 50 years to achieve this and required a very high level of … Continue reading How many different wine grapes have you tasted?

Pinot Noir, the killer grape!

I will always remember someone in Nepal saying to me "I have no idea how to make a quality chicken curry but I know what one tastes like!" Sounds like he was into Stoic philosophy as it's a sentence that Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius would have been proud of. Although I don't suppose he ever … Continue reading Pinot Noir, the killer grape!