“Think local, drink local”

Our most recent wine travel and wine tasting took us less than 7 miles from our Cotswolds home, and for the first few miles we speculated that this was an April Fool joke and that we’d lost track of time again in our old age! The visit was prompted by a BT/Openreach engineer who, fixing … Continue reading “Think local, drink local”

What does #Buddha ask when he walks into a Church?

Buddha Walks Into a Church and .... Whenever a Westerner travels to "the East" they are invariably drawn to places of the Buddhist or Hindu religion  whether they are in India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Japan or China. Mostly for photographic opportunity, including the selfie holding up the temple or sitting with the Buddha, but rarely … Continue reading What does #Buddha ask when he walks into a Church?

Local:Winter walks …..continued!

A big advantage of a hard frost is that you don't get your wellies dirty and are not fast every stride in leg sucking mud across Cotswolds ploughed fields. But the really BIG advantage is from all of the colours and light-shade opportunities there are for photographs and yesterday was perfect. Two hours and four … Continue reading Local:Winter walks …..continued!