Wines 101 #2 Did I really put a Gewürztraminer on my Bucket List?

I have to admit, Alsace wines are not my favourite...... I can appreciate a great wine but I don’t necessarily have to like it! But I DO like Alsace the region, especially the strip between Ribeauville and Turckheim and this was our third holiday here. Wines play a big part of daily life here however: … Continue reading Wines 101 #2 Did I really put a Gewürztraminer on my Bucket List?

101 Wines Bucket List

Bucket Lists are a bit like Marmite, love 'em or hate 'em, nothing in between! Until recently I've been in the "hate 'em" group for full blown Bucket Lists, though I freely admit to having had wish-lists for travel, mountaineering and wine tasting. They served their primary purpose of helping me to plan and schedule … Continue reading 101 Wines Bucket List

Weekend Wineart: Alsace traditional

A visit to the Alsace region of France is an adventure not only into wine, and specifically the white wine grapes of Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurtztraminer, but also a cultural adventure with foods different from anywhere else in France, colourful timbered architecture, metal street signs cleverly marketing shops, businesses and restaurants, together with a … Continue reading Weekend Wineart: Alsace traditional