Not Wordless Wednesday: Our garden goes “exotic”!

I'm well known for my veg, becoming known for my flowers ....... but only at a basic level. But, I wrote a while back about what inspires some of my blogging ..... books, travel, wine and other folks blogs. One of my blogging mates, Andrew, of Have Blog Will Travel, recently had some cracking images … Continue reading Not Wordless Wednesday: Our garden goes “exotic”!

Green Fingers: Fruit ‘n Veg time!

Continuing the saga of my Brexit garden for when we can no longer get certain vegetables in Britain any more ..... that's what "Project Fear" told us. So, Snowflakes ..... grow yer own:

Do you have “green fingers”?

Grandad taught me how to grow vegetables, especially onions ..... and carrots. They go together, the first scaring away the dreaded carrot fly. I followed his advice and guidance through my youth, middle age and into old age. But this year I fancied a flower or two. Being a tight-git of a Northerner, everything had … Continue reading Do you have “green fingers”?