I blame Jeremy or Greta!

I'm bloody sick of this, I've had enough! I don't care whether you call it Extinction Rebellion or Extermination Rebellion. They have to go! They're in the house They're in the garden They're in the whole village They almost devastated the runner beans They're in my salad But ….. now they've landed in my glass … Continue reading I blame Jeremy or Greta!

Green Fingers: Fruit ‘n Veg time!

Continuing the saga of my Brexit garden for when we can no longer get certain vegetables in Britain any more ..... that's what "Project Fear" told us. So, Snowflakes ..... grow yer own:

What did you learn from your Grandad?

What do you remember from being a 5 year old child? In my case it's mostly about gardening with my grandad, a Cornish miner who migrated to Cumbria where I was born. He had an allotment garden, about 400 yards from his house in Haverigg where he mostly grew vegetables, especially onions, as did most … Continue reading What did you learn from your Grandad?

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in England, until …..

I woke up at around 6am, the sun was shining, a little morning mist from the Thames, the birds were singing. Perfect, gardening, a country walk, a roast lunch, a bottle of Burgundy …. And probably an afternoon nap, quite acceptable at my age. Switch on the kettle, warm the pot, and ……… then it … Continue reading It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in England, until …..