52 Books Challenge: #28 French Wine Uncorked

This book by Neal Atherton fits neatly into my constantly repeated expression “it’s not about the wine”. French Wine Uncorked is a beautifully written book describing the authors visits to some places where wine is made, meeting some people who make the wine, who talk about the history and culture of their endeavours, while he … Continue reading 52 Books Challenge: #28 French Wine Uncorked

Dry December: The best EVER wine festival?

Fete de L’Escargot, (Dordogne), Fete de La Moule (Boulogne), Fete de L’Huitre (Arachon) are all annual festivals in France symbolic of their culture and gastronomy involving snails, mussels and oysters respectively. There are many others across the summer months "honouring" French cheese and ..... strangely ...... paella in the Languedoc. Then of course there are … Continue reading Dry December: The best EVER wine festival?

How a bawdy philosopher made a monkey of “authority”!

“Monk, doctor, writer, botanist, and translator, Rabelais was one of the most enlightened minds of the Renaissance. Behind the comic, laughter-inducing exterior of his work lie some very important issues; war, education, religion, marriage, and the question of the Other. He was a humanist, his writing full of the new ideas both he and Erasmus … Continue reading How a bawdy philosopher made a monkey of “authority”!

A Brexiteer Bastille Day

Wandering around Chinon yesterday, July 14th, a day when French people celebrate their freedom from oppression, I captured this photo of Geoff, a bar owner in the town centre reading The Brexiteer newspaper. I asked him what he most liked about it and he said "it's free for democrats..... so that means non-democrats must pay!" … Continue reading A Brexiteer Bastille Day

Chateau Montreuil-Bellay without wine!

Don’t you just love French Chateau, especially if they are involved in winemaking too! Externally preserved quite wonderfully because Oliver Cromwell and his cannons had no cause to cross the water, but often bereft internally, stripped of all furnishings. A marvellous exterior is let down by a soulless interior. We visited the small town of … Continue reading Chateau Montreuil-Bellay without wine!