52 Books Challenge: #18 Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

If you like novels set in Victorian England typified by Sherlock Holmes and Dickens then this book is for you. It has elements of a fantasy genre because it is set in an alternative England where magic is possible. If you enjoy my review you may like to know it’s available as a video series too.

52 Books Challenge: #14 Time of Hope

Time of Hope is the first in the Strangers and Brothers series of novels written by CP Snow and published in 1949. This book, and therefore the whole series of 11 books begins in 1914 just at the beginning of WWI and charts the beginning of the life of Lewis Elliot, in a small English … Continue reading 52 Books Challenge: #14 Time of Hope

Book Review: The Savernake Novels #7

One Misty Moisty Morning, Susanna M Newstead "One misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather, I met with an old man a-clothèd all in leather. He was clothèd all in leather, with a cap beneath his chin, Singing 'How d'ye do and how d'ye do and how d'ye do again'." This is the title … Continue reading Book Review: The Savernake Novels #7

Book Review: The Sense Of An Ending; Julian Barnes

The style of writing in this book makes for very easy reading, unlike an earlier work by Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot! Each page held my attention without wanting to skip ahead to find out what happened next, every sentence and paragraph revealed a little something about Tony, his life, and those times from the 1960s and beyond.