Totalitarian Britain “C’est la bullshit!”

I have quite a few friends in France, mostly winemakers, who are concerned about the effect of Brexit on their business. But, who do they blame .......... President Microman! But I have news for them, and for all those totalitarians in our parliament who are trying their damnedest to undermine our democracy through lies, lies … Continue reading Totalitarian Britain “C’est la bullshit!”

Why don’t I just kill myself? Nihilism?

Nihilistic thoughts in a French wine bar! There's nothing like a wine bar in France to bring out the philosopher in us all, especially if it's named after the great French philosopher, monk, doctor, satirist and author ……… Rabelais, even to the extent of philosophising about “doing my country a favour and killing myself”. Is … Continue reading Why don’t I just kill myself? Nihilism?

A Brexiteer Bastille Day

Wandering around Chinon yesterday, July 14th, a day when French people celebrate their freedom from oppression, I captured this photo of Geoff, a bar owner in the town centre reading The Brexiteer newspaper. I asked him what he most liked about it and he said "it's free for democrats..... so that means non-democrats must pay!" … Continue reading A Brexiteer Bastille Day

My first day as a member of the European Parliament!

As I hurtled towards the big EU machine on the Eurostar from London St Pancras, I had initially intended this post-induction piece to be a light-hearted reflection on my first experiences in Brussels. The beer was good, the bureaucracy was bad – that sort of thing. But in view of the seriousness of the inherently … Continue reading My first day as a member of the European Parliament!

The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

“I don’t think I have ever sensed a national population so unhappy, so angry, so divided, so disturbed even, as how your country appears today” said Sid (Buddha to most other folks) “Yes Sid, but, with respect, your perception is not so enlightening because the unhappiness is so tangible everywhere, at work, in shops, on … Continue reading The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….