Pessimism is the Parent of Divisiveness

I read an article from Ed Husain on New Years Eve, a rallying cry for optimism and positiveness. It stirred me into thinking about the divisiveness that has spread across our country since the EU Referendum of 2016, and how politicians (though not all of them) call for a healing process as we finally leave … Continue reading Pessimism is the Parent of Divisiveness

Repost: My grumpy wish list for 2019!

A look back at my wishlist for 2019 written a year ago in preparation for my Wishlist 2020 which I’ll publish in a few days. Not many happened, how about yours? I haven’t written New Year resolutions or annual objectives for about 10 years now, but after hearing a conversation between my wife and a … Continue reading Repost: My grumpy wish list for 2019!

Class War Update: Perpetuating Politicians!

Politicians Perpetuating a New Class War, a follow up to yesterday's repost from a year ago. I've finally given up on the BBC and turned to LBC (Leading Britain's Conversation) on the radio. Great unbiased reporting and interviews as well as phone-ins where all views are respectfully listened to and challenged. Listening a couple of … Continue reading Class War Update: Perpetuating Politicians!

2019 Replay: Predicting a new “Class War”?

This was one of our first posts of 2019 which equated a new class war in the U.K. with the great Brexit divide. This class war isn't segregating people into lower, middle, upper classes based on education, income, career. What I sensed was segregation between people who respected democracy and those who didn't, people who … Continue reading 2019 Replay: Predicting a new “Class War”?

The revenge of democracy

Last weeks election was a people’s revolt against the Remoaner tyranny. So now we know what happens when you declare war on democracy. Now we know the consequences of demeaning the largest democratic vote in a nations history. Now we know what becomes of a political class that sneers at voters ..... Read this for … Continue reading The revenge of democracy