Class War Update: Perpetuating Politicians!

Politicians Perpetuating a New Class War, a follow up to yesterday's repost from a year ago. I've finally given up on the BBC and turned to LBC (Leading Britain's Conversation) on the radio. Great unbiased reporting and interviews as well as phone-ins where all views are respectfully listened to and challenged. Listening a couple of … Continue reading Class War Update: Perpetuating Politicians!

2019 Replay: Predicting a new “Class War”?

This was one of our first posts of 2019 which equated a new class war in the U.K. with the great Brexit divide. This class war isn't segregating people into lower, middle, upper classes based on education, income, career. What I sensed was segregation between people who respected democracy and those who didn't, people who … Continue reading 2019 Replay: Predicting a new “Class War”?

BBC Question Time drops a Brexit clanger!

Over the past couple of years the BBC has turned media bias and fake news into an art form, both in its selective reporting of Brexit related topics and its live forums which are never balanced in terms of audience or panel members. Last weeks Question Time was no exception with the panel formed 4:1 … Continue reading BBC Question Time drops a Brexit clanger!

Brexit, the new Class War!

Brexit is now a class war and the politicians and Remoaniacs just don’t get it! It’s not a class war along the old traditional lines, workers vs owners or even rich vs poor, it’s a new kind of class war based on Elites vs Plebs, or those who hate Britain vs those who love it. … Continue reading Brexit, the new Class War!