52 Books Challenge: #9 The Woodcutter

Reginald Hill is a Cumbrian, as am I, and the author of the well known Dalziel & Pascoe detective series of novels. The Woodcutter is one of his standalone novels described as a psychological thriller. The central character is Wilf Hadda, commonly known as Wolf Hadda, a successful businessman. Successful until one day the police … Continue reading 52 Books Challenge: #9 The Woodcutter

Ego Integrity and understanding your identity.

It’s not often I repeat a post, unless it’s a few years old, but this one is immediately relevant even though I originally posted it only 7 months ago. It has been the catalyst for my Ego Integrity series of 8 articles which concluded last Friday and was originally written just a week after I … Continue reading Ego Integrity and understanding your identity.

How memories contribute to identity

Memories from a visit to the Blists Hill outdoor museum plus feelings of identity standing in a Cumbrian field have awakened even more intense memories that I am sure have a lot to do with my past 6 months family history research. Rolling all of these things together takes me back to when we had … Continue reading How memories contribute to identity

Family History: GenTravelling around Cornwall.

As this post is published we will be travelling into deepest Cornwall, not on a tourist jaunt, but as “Gentravellers” exploring five generations of the Waters family, Dr B’s maternal ancestors. In one week we have five questions to answer: Between 1783 and 1881 what caused the family to move from Gwennap to Goonvrea to … Continue reading Family History: GenTravelling around Cornwall.

My great grandfather “like a rolling stone ….”

My DNA results were a bit of a puzzle. Despite showing the bulk of my ancestry originating in the southeast as well as the southwest of England, from census and birth records I appeared to have NONE from the southeast. My mother's line, going back 400, years were all from Cornwall and my father's line … Continue reading My great grandfather “like a rolling stone ….”