52 Books Challenge: #13 The Stranger House

Another standalone novel from Reginald Hill, The Stranger House is set once again in his (and my) native Cumbria. The action centres on the village pub in Illthwaite, Stranger House, almost the last surviving “social centre” of the village having lost its shops and its post office, but still having its church, several farms, and … Continue reading 52 Books Challenge: #13 The Stranger House

52 Books Challenge: #9 The Woodcutter

Reginald Hill is a Cumbrian, as am I, and the author of the well known Dalziel & Pascoe detective series of novels. The Woodcutter is one of his standalone novels described as a psychological thriller. The central character is Wilf Hadda, commonly known as Wolf Hadda, a successful businessman. Successful until one day the police … Continue reading 52 Books Challenge: #9 The Woodcutter

Ego Integrity and understanding your identity.

It’s not often I repeat a post, unless it’s a few years old, but this one is immediately relevant even though I originally posted it only 7 months ago. It has been the catalyst for my Ego Integrity series of 8 articles which concluded last Friday and was originally written just a week after I … Continue reading Ego Integrity and understanding your identity.

How memories contribute to identity

Memories from a visit to the Blists Hill outdoor museum plus feelings of identity standing in a Cumbrian field have awakened even more intense memories that I am sure have a lot to do with my past 6 months family history research. Rolling all of these things together takes me back to when we had … Continue reading How memories contribute to identity

Family History: GenTravelling around Cornwall.

As this post is published we will be travelling into deepest Cornwall, not on a tourist jaunt, but as “Gentravellers” exploring five generations of the Waters family, Dr B’s maternal ancestors. In one week we have five questions to answer: Between 1783 and 1881 what caused the family to move from Gwennap to Goonvrea to … Continue reading Family History: GenTravelling around Cornwall.