Picture behind the story #10 Surreal in Marbella

A personal PhotoChallenge matching a story to a photo every day for 30 days with short tales of travel, mountaineering, Nepal, art, and a few personal ones too! 10. Surreal in Marbella!It was another scorching hot day in Estepona, Spain, definitely NOT a day for the beach. Browsing some local tourism leaflets we found one … Continue reading Picture behind the story #10 Surreal in Marbella

Malaga: First Impressions

This is our third trip to Malaga, a lovely town on the south coast of Spain. We are here for a week and now into our third day, not going anywhere, just mooching around the seafront, the tapas bars, museums and galleries and tomorrow ...... the shops. Here’s a sample of how Malaga looks .... … Continue reading Malaga: First Impressions