Medieval Marketing, Holy Blood, and the first Brexit!

Henry VIII got a bad press for his regular wife exchange and destruction of the monasteries, but he was on a more significant mission of systematically dismantling an autocratic rule from Europe and removing the scam of holy relics being used to con a gullible public into parting with their cash! A TV programme and a visit to Hailes Abbey brings it all to life.

An English church and a king killer!

There’s far more to this church than meets the eye, both externally and internally. A military college, the English Civil War, two men imprisoned in the same castle .... one a builder of the current church, the other a regicide having signed King Charles I death warrant! But that’s a story for the next post. … Continue reading An English church and a king killer!

Medieval punishments required?

About 18 months ago our village church was vandalised, it followed on from a spate of vandalism in the area which also included our community centre and offices being burned to the ground! The parish council and church response was to close the church during weekdays, a blow to the local community and the waves … Continue reading Medieval punishments required?

WordPress Photo Challenge: The Thames As Tour Guide

Living in the Cotswolds can be a blessing and a nightmare, the latter being mostly caused by summer traffic through our tiny villages and over ancient bridges. But there are many positives too; surrounded by historic medieval churches, Neolithic stone circles, ancient footpaths, Roman villas and ruins, and the old River Thames that runs through … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: The Thames As Tour Guide

From USA Cities to Medieval English Churches

We are exhausted, worn out, drained! The three week Trans USA rail journey is to blame, a whirlwind of cities, national parks, hotels, trains, buses, rivers, architecture has taken its toll on us physically and mentally. Time for a period of rest and recuperation before our month in France exploring a few wine regions. Which … Continue reading From USA Cities to Medieval English Churches