Hope Trumps Despair!

I'm glad to see the back of 2019 for a great many reasons, all of which contributed to make it the second worst year of my life! The general "atmosphere" of this great country of ours was polluted by the political machinations over Brexit, particularly the failure of the "losers" to accept a democratic referendum. … Continue reading Hope Trumps Despair!

Picture behind the story #22 A tale of Two Toilets!

There are some things that cameras just seem to be drawn to. With some it's food, with others it's landscapes, or doors, balconies, washing lines ..... A couple of years ago we spent Christmas in Brussels, the usual stuff ... Christmas markets with mulled wine, light show at night, a square turned into an ice … Continue reading Picture behind the story #22 A tale of Two Toilets!

Budapest, a Christmas fusion lunch.

Over the past 5 years we have had extremely varied lunches to celebrate Christmas. A Spanish menu on the beach on Lanzarote, a seafood extravaganza in central Brussels, roast mountain goat in Southern Spain, and now an Asian fusion buffet in Budapest. Bizarre! The Buddha Bar hotel in Budapest offers a Christmas day brunch, all … Continue reading Budapest, a Christmas fusion lunch.