52 Books Challenge: #4 Children of Time

I rarely write reviews of works of fiction, but this book is part of my 52 Books Challenge with Goodreads so I'd better get used to it. Children of Time is a science fiction novel written by Adrian Tchaikovsky and is the first in what is to become a space operaseries. It tells the story of … Continue reading 52 Books Challenge: #4 Children of Time

How to Review Your Year of Books Read

I received an email the other day from Goodreads, a website I use to search for books of interest and to read reviews written by enthusiasts. It gave me a complete breakdown of all of the books I’d read across the year which I found quite interesting and surprising in some areas. “Goodreads is a … Continue reading How to Review Your Year of Books Read

Nobody woke up dead!

I woke up this morning, 5.30am as usual, fully expecting to find myself dead. Or at the very least transformed into a flake or globule of ash courtesy of Mr Putin and his unstoppable nuclear weapons. I staggered out of bed and made the first pot of tea of the day for Dr C and … Continue reading Nobody woke up dead!

Are you a chopper or a slicer?

“The Pedant in the Kitchen”; [Julian Barnes] There are very few books that make me laugh out loud, maybe the stuff I read is too dark or overly academic. But this book had me in stitches, with the author and his wife differing intensely over shared cooking and how to follow recipes. What IS the … Continue reading Are you a chopper or a slicer?

Book Review: Travels With Epicurus

Travels with Epicurus (Daniel Klein) A journey to a Greek island in search of an authentic old ageNot exactly a wine book or a book about wine tasting, but it DOES relate to our wine experiences so worth placing in this category. I have just reread it for the second time with a different focus … Continue reading Book Review: Travels With Epicurus