If Buddha was alive today ..

If Buddha was alive today he’d have a Nepalese passport, did you know that? Despite the occasional outrageous claim from an Indian politician, it is widely known that Siddhartha was born at Lumbini in Southern Nepal where there is a… Read More ›

An Englishman in Nepal

Our first book published on Amazon available in Kindle version, a print version currently being worked on. Many thanks to all here who gave feedback as draft chapters were published on the blog here. If you are visiting Nepal our… Read More ›

52 Books Challenge: #27 Uncle Tungsten

Memories of a chemical boyhood from Oliver Sacks which match many of my own as I also grew up fascinated by many of the discoveries of the giants of chemistry during the 19th and early 20th Century. A fascinating insight into the upbringing of a renowned neurologist.