Wine philosophy!

A very interesting article from Nigel Burton entitled A short philosophy of wine (Nigel Burton, MD) has set me thinking (in an Epicurean kind of way) more specifically about “what wine has done for me” across my lifetime. As his preface to the more philosophical bits, here’s what Nigel wrote: “When you uncork a bottle … Continue reading Wine philosophy!

Weekend Wineart: The cellars of Burgundy

Our annual holiday in Burgundy was spent operating as a tour guide to our daughter and husband for one week, and to some close friends from Cumbria for the second week, not complaining ...... because it made us interested in a few things we had previously  forgotten about or even never been interested in! One … Continue reading Weekend Wineart: The cellars of Burgundy

Not all winemakers are equal!

Vigneron, Negociant and Cooperative are all elements of wine terminology that can confuse but are simple to demystify. In fact knowledge of each is often vital to finding the best tasting and buying opportunities because each is a different type of wine producer. • Vigneron; a person who cultivates a vineyard for winemaking and often … Continue reading Not all winemakers are equal!

Bourgogne: The wine villages

Imagine I offered you a glass of Pommard or a Meursault, a Volnay or a St Aubin which would you choose? Or do you buy your wine on the basis of red v white, Chardonnay  v Sauvignon Blanc, Australia v Chile? All well and good, but that's like going into a butchers shop and asking … Continue reading Bourgogne: The wine villages